Hello, Friends!

17 Jan

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to the blog of the CMU Social Change Semester!

The Social Change Semester brings Carnegie Mellon students to Qatar and
India. Our goal: to learn how to change the world by partnering with those who
are already making a difference.

The semester begins in Doha, Qatar, where we will collaborate with migrant
workers from South Asia. While teaching these workers English, we will learn
from them about Qatar, South Asia, and the inequalities of travel. We will learn
to recognize the privilege of studying abroad in a world in which many travel out
of necessity.

From Qatar, we will fly to rural central India, where we will live at Mahatma
Gandhi’s ashram in Sevagram, Maharashtra. We will work with a rural
development organization, the Kamalnayan Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation, to
carry forward Gandhi’s legacy. We will assist the Bajaj Foundation and its
village partners with water management, sustainable agriculture, education, and
community development projects.

From Sevagram, we will travel to one of India’s largest cities, Chennai. There,
we will partner with three educational organizations that focus on educating and
empowering underprivileged children: Avanti Fellows, the Olcott School, and

The last week of the semester will take us to India’s capital, New Delhi, where
we will meet with leaders in government, business, civil society, and the arts.

Throughout the semester, students will take courses and conduct research,
while designing and implementing service projects in collaboration with our local

By directly engaging in the many challenges and opportunities facing Qatar and
India, we will gain the confidence, purpose, global awareness, and intercultural
skills that are best learned via service-based experiential education overseas.
We will learn with our partners how to mobilize social innovation in pursuit of
social justice. Together, we will leverage CMU’s resources to advance the work
of our community partners in Qatar and India.

The CMU Social Change Semester is a collaboration between Carnegie Mellon,
Amizade, and Visions. If you would like to know more about the Social Change
Semester, please contact Nico Slate at slate@cmu.edu



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