This semester is a partnership between Carnegie Mellon University and two organizations that specialize in global service learning: Amizade and Visions. We are grateful for the help of everyone at Amizade and Visions, especially Brandon, Greg, and Meera. At Carnegie Mellon, special thanks go to Amy Burkert, Vice Provost for Education; John Lehoczky, Dean of the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences; Caroline Acker, Head of the Department of History; and Linda Gentile and Chris Menand of the Office for International Education.


In Doha, our tutoring is made possible by Uday Rosario, the Service Learning Coordinator at Georgetown University in Qatar. Uday plans, coordinates, and evaluates international and local service projects. In addition to establishing the tutoring program we participated in, Uday also took us on an “alternative tour” of Doha, showing us where workers live and introducing us to many parts of the city rarely visited by tourists. Thank you, Uday!30-social-change-semester-new

In Sevagram, the staff of the Kamalnayan Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation gave us outstanding support. We are grateful for everyone at the Bajaj Foundation and for the opportunity to help build the Bajaj Lab for Rural Development. We are also grateful for the help of our skillful and kind drivers and of our good friends, Akaash and Suraj. Thank you.

In Chennai, we were warmly supported by Naga, Grace, and the entire staff of the Avanti Fellows. Avanti provides mentoring and after-school tutoring to disadvantaged high-school students. We were extremely impressed by the organization and the dedication, skill, and professionalism of its staff. We were also grateful for the help of the Bansal family. Thank you all.

Finally, we are grateful for all we learned from the workers we met in Doha, the villagers who became our friends in Wardha, and the students we taught in Chennai and Thiruvannamalai. We learned so much from you. Thank you.Sirya and Mariem


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